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                      2. Switches & Closure System Professionals

                        Professional OEM Supplier,
                        High Quality, Excellent Service

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                        1390191140 11 en2


                        CHAODA is a professional TS16949 certified OEM manufacturer for switches and closures system for various types of vehicles. Since 1985, we have been consistantly providing Quality parts & solutions to our clients.

                        To be a leading global company that provides high-quality, innovative and value-added parts and solutions that improve the quality of life


                        1. To provide our customers with high-quality, reliable and cost-efficient products and solutions.

                        2. To be proactive in anticipating the needs and requirements of our customers by establishing close co-operation and effective communication.

                        3. Preserving and maintaining the environment and making a positive difference in the community around us.

                        4. To gain loyalty and trust of of our customers by providing an open, honest and effective platform to do business.

                        5. Continuously striving to meet and exceed customers requirements for excellence in every element of our operations through continous improvements in quality, process and delivery by being creative, flexible and innovative.

                        6. Providing a safe and learning work environment, nurturing individual talent by providing employees with meaningful work and advancement opportunities based on performance and merit.

                        7. Continue to uphold the highest value for respect, integrity, honesty and fairness towards everyone we are in contact with.

                        Quick Facts

                      3. Established: 1985
                      4. Total Employees: >600
                      5. OEM: 60%
                      6. Aftermarket: 40%
                      7. Markets: China, South East Asia, South America, Middle East, North America, Europe

                      8. 1390024720 14


                        CHAODA implements and enforces stringent quality and management methods in every part of our work. From removing waste, to producing project drafts, to mass production, delivery and after-sales, we aim to continuously improve to better meet our customer's requirements. We incorporate the best of Eastern and Western management methods and quality systems into the way we operate.

                        Quality Systems

                      9. ISO/TS16949:2006 since 2005
                      10. ISO9001 since 1998
                      11. E-Mark
                      12. CCC Safety Mark
                      13. Management Systems

                      14. 5S
                      15. ERPII
                      16. BPM
                      17. CRM
                      18. Lean Philosophy
                      19. Kaizen

                      20. 1513581031 ot5a3297 2

                        The People Behind CHAODA

                        At CHAODA, we recognize the diversity and involvement of our employees as the foundation of our strength. CHAODA will strive to consistently provide our people with the tools, training, support and equal opportunity to maximize their full potential to achieve excellence in their job.

                        CHAODA provides a learning and practical environment to nurture our people's talent and strengths. With our commitment to their fair and merit based selection, motivation, recognition and development, each and every one at CHAODA strives for excellence and to consistently exceed our customer's expectations. Our people are matched to their work based not only on paper qualification but on their capabilities and suitability.

                        CHAODA's employees primary sense of achiement is from exceeding customer's requirements and satisfaction. Therefore each of us at CHAODA continuously find better ways to improve our quality, service, productivity and time reduction.

                        All these translates into a high-quality product that leads directly to customer satisfaction – and that's a lifetime guarantee! A CHAODA guarantee.

                        At Chaoda, diversity is a key component that can translate to a successful company. We value the differences that make each individual, supplier, community, customer and consumer unique.

                        We treat everyone we are in contact with respect and understanding regardless of skin colour, race, religion, creed or nationality. CHAODA recognizes the importance in creating a fulfilling environment and providing equal opportunities for growth.

                        It's the diversity of thought, management styles, experience, and abilities that comes from bringing together people with different backgrounds and different ways of looking at our world.

                        Proud Characteristics

                      21. dedicated to the customer
                      22. passionate about our products
                      23. hard-working
                      24. adaptable to customer demands
                      25. value constructive criticism
                      26. honor confidentiality
                      27. respects diversity

                      28. 1390027786 16

                        Corporate and Safety Responsibility

                        Our products and solutions have made life easier and convenient. But that does not mean compromising the environment around us. We at Chaoda not only realise the delicate balance between industry and environment - we take pro-active actions. We help maintain the environment through:

                      29. Recycling
                      30. Education
                      31. Alternative Materials
                      32. Research & Development
                      33. Intiatives
                      34. Leadership

                        Chaoda's development and future successes lies in sustainable development that has minimal impact on the environment, and in our diversity.

                        Safety First. Safety has always been a priority of CHAODA. We continuously identify items which can minimize risks to our workforce through education, planning and feedback from our workforce. Implementing new methods to improve safety such as identifying danger zones, hazardous materials, high-risk processes and proper usage, is an on-going step in CHAODA.

                      35. CSR Initiatives

                      36. Compassionate aid
                      37. Disaster relief aid
                      38. Scholarships for needy children
                      39. Education Assistance
                      40. Recycling initiatives
                      41. Sporting event sponsorships
                      42. Pastoral care
                      43. Free medical support
                      44. Welfare Assistance
                      45. Product Categories

                        • 1390962689 2

                          Combination Switch

                          Turn Signal Switch, Wiper Switch

                        • 1390962695 3

                          Power Window Switch

                          with Auto-function, anti-pinch, LED backlight

                        • 1390962700 4

                          Ignition Starter Switch

                          Full Key Lock Set, Key Cylinder, Key Blank

                        • 1390963114 5

                          Other Switches

                          Hazard, Air-con, Headlight, Brake, Defogger, Reverse, Side-Mirror, Door, etc.

                        • 1390962712 6

                          Door Lock

                          Mechanical, lock with actuator, door handle, door striker

                        • 1390962719 7


                          Fuel cap, oil cap, radiator cap

                        • 1390962726 8

                          Ignition Cable Switch

                          with cable, terminals only, clock spring

                        • 1390962732 9

                          Sensor (NEW Line)

                          ABS, Speed, Crank, Cam, Throttle, Oxygen, MAP, Height


                        1513586166 process

                        Process Technology

                        Each process is carefully planned early in our APQP. Production line layouts are designed to maximize efficiency and quality control. CHAODA has the experience and ability in various processes from raw material inspection, design & engineering, sub-components manufacture, surface treatment, packaging, storage through to delivery.

                        Key process characteristics are clearly identified and are designed for repeatability and reliability.

                        Our commitment in continuous improvement drives us to provide only the best solutions to our valued customers.

                        R&D Details

                        • 100% inspection of all incoming and outgoing materials
                        • built-in quality checks for all processes
                        • semi-automated and fully-automated processes
                        • process capability studies
                        • APQP and PPAP documentations for OEM products
                        • FMEA documentations
                        • accept customer specific test standards
                        • consistent repeatability for gauges and test equipment

                        1513587064 software

                        Software Technology

                        CHAODA is capable with the majority of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Computer Aided Drawing (CAD), Information Technology and our own custom-made tools available.

                        We have even developed our own BPM (Business Process Managament), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and PDM (Product Database Management) system.

                        IT Details

                        • PDM
                        • BPM
                        • CRM
                        • Accounting Software
                        • ERPII

                        1513585783 manufacturing

                        Manufacturing Technology

                        CHAODA has a wide range of manufacturing equipment. From shearing to machining to surface finishing right until packaging, we have the equipment to meet your products demands. New equipment are regularly added to meet increasing capacity or at customer's recommendation.

                        In the production phase, production floor layout, processes, schedules are well-planned and are closely monitored. During and after production, all products undergo rigorous testing under various real-world usage test scenarios.

                        We can accept specialized machines too. We also have experience in setting up dedicated new production lines for high-quantity OEM supply too.

                        Production Capabilities


                      46. Stamping/Pressing
                      47. Wireforming
                      48. Tube bending
                      49. Die-casting (Zn, Al)
                      50. Machining
                      51. Drilling, Tappeting
                      52. CNC
                      53. Random Key Code Cutter
                      54. Surface Finishing
                      55. Injection Molding

                      56. Plastic
                      57. Rubber
                      58. Silicone
                      59. Polymers
                      60. Identification

                      61. Silk Screen Printing
                      62. Etching, Embossing
                      63. Laser Marking

                      64. 1513586661 testing

                        Testing & Validation Technology

                        All CHAODA's products undergo comprehensive tests & validation that exceed normal standard requirements. All test equipment are regularly calibrated and ensured of consistant repeatability. We are also able to custom-make test equipment and gauges according to customer's specific & unique requirements.

                        Equipment Details

                      65. Vibration
                      66. Humidity
                      67. Salt Spray
                      68. Rockwell Hardness
                      69. Tensile Strength
                      70. Lifecycle
                      71. Ultra-Violet
                      72. Spring Constant
                      73. Combination Switch Lifecycle
                      74. Ignition Starter Switch Lifecycle
                      75. Power Window Switch Lifecycle
                      76. Visual Check
                      77. Door Handle Lifecyle
                      78. Door Lock Lifecycle
                      79. Closure System Functional Test

                      80. 1513586869 tooling

                        Tooling, Mold Making Technology

                        Tooling is a key factor in determining the quality of the product. This is why most of the tools, dies, and moulds are made in-house.

                        Because this very important process is done by ourselves, we can closely monitor the quality and deliver you the best results.

                        This keeps our costs low and we pass this on to our customers to get the best cost-effective and value added prices.

                        An extensive range of tooling facilities ensures that you get what you want and more.

                        Tooling Details

                      81. Jigs
                      82. Gauges
                      83. Single-Op Tool
                      84. Progressive-Op Tool
                      85. Semi-Auto Tool
                      86. SMED
                      87. Die-Casting Tool
                      88. Over-Molding Tool
                      89. Insert-Molding Tool
                      90. Customized Equipment/Tools

                      91. 1390959931 37

                        Unique Solutions

                        CHAODA has been providing unique high-quality solutions globally since 1985. Our innovative, out-of-the-box approach in meeting customers requirements have been proven over time, leading to high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

                        Whether you are looking for a one-off solution or for a long-term assembler or a trustworthy contract manufacturer or factory space in China, we have what you want.

                        We are committed in providing the best possible solutions for your business interests in terms of quality, delivery and reliability.

                        With over 20 years of experience, and numerous international & domestic achievements in recognition of our work culture, exceptional quality & precision, CHAODA would like to invite you to experience us. After all, 90% of our customers place orders with us again because we understand their needs better than others.

                        Other international customers are quickly following suit and already 60% of the domestic market has experienced this - you should too.

                        Solutions Offered

                      92. New Product Design
                      93. Synchronous Development with OEMs
                      94. Contract OEM Manufacturing
                      95. Exporting Agent
                      96. Container Consolidation
                      97. Audit Suppliers on your behalf
                      98. Tell us your requirement, we're sure we can find a solution together

                      99. Span>






                        Main OEM Products

                        Besides the switches and closure system that we specialise in for both the OEM and Aftermarket, CHAODA also manufactures the following in CKD. SKD and full assembly for OEM
                        • 1390621959 26

                          Injection Molding

                          Plastic, Rubber, Silicone, Polymers

                        • 1390621964 27


                          Solid rod, hollow tube

                        • 1390621971 28

                          Metal Forming

                          Pressing, Die-Casting, Deep Drawing

                        • 1390621977 29


                          Helical, Sinusoidal, Torsion, Spiral, Coil

                        • 1390622002 36

                          Seat Frame

                          • bracket
                          • cross-member
                          • recliner
                          • sinusoidal spring
                          • clock/spiral spring
                          • metal tubing
                          • air-bag bracket
                          • lever
                          • recliner motor
                          • seat motor
                          • floor mounting
                          • side-member
                          • others

                        • 1390962196 38

                          Closure System

                          Door Handle, Door Lock, Door Actuator, Door Striker, Door Checker, Caps

                        • 1390962204 39

                          Combination, Ignition Starter Switches

                          Turn Signal Switch, Wiper Switch, Ignition Starter Switch, Ignition Cable and Full Key Lock Set.

                        • 1390962213 40

                          Interior Switches

                          Power Window, Headlamp, Emergency, Fog, Air-Con, Side-Mirror, etc.




                        TUV Rheinland Germany since 2005

                        Key Enterprise Company Award


                        The Committee Ouhai Economic Development Zone in Zhejiang Province

                        • 1999
                        • 2000
                        • 2002
                        • 2004
                        • 2005
                        • 2006
                        • 2007
                        • 2008
                        • 2009
                        • 2010
                        • 2011
                        • 2012
                        • 2013

                        Reputed and Excellent Enterprises Excellence in Fine Quality Company


                        China Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Commerce Automotive Chamber of motorcycles and accessories

                        • since 2006

                        Star Excellence Company


                        CPC Committee Ouhai, Ouhai People's Government

                        • 2005
                        • 2006
                        • 2007
                        • 2008
                        • 2009
                        • 2010
                        • 2011
                        • 2012
                        • 2013

                        Bank Credit AAA Rating


                        Agricultural Bank of China in Zhejiang Province

                        • 2005
                        • 2006
                        • 2007
                        • 2008
                        • 2009
                        • 2010
                        • 2011
                        • 2012
                        • 2013

                        Honest & Trust Excellence Award


                        Chinese Government Municipal Policy Office of Wenzhou Private Enterprise Committee of Ouhai, Wenzhou

                        • 2005
                        • 2006
                        • 2007
                        • 2008
                        • 2009
                        • 2010
                        • 2011
                        • 2012
                        • 2013

                        Labour Protection & Welfare Award


                        Zhejiang Provincial Ouhai Economic Development Zone Management Committee

                      100. 2005
                      101. 2006

                      102. Accountability, Assurance, and Contract Fulfillment Award Grade A


                        Wenzhou Business Association, Wenzhou Chapter

                        • 2001
                        • 2002
                        • 2004
                        • 2005
                        • 2006
                        • 2007
                        • 2008
                        • 2009
                        • 2010
                        • 2011
                        • 2012
                        • 2013

                        Highly Charitable Recognition


                        since 2005

                        Association Member


                        China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association

                      103. since 2001

                      104. Entrepreneur Excellence Award


                        Zhejiang Provincial Ouhai Economic Development Zone Management Committee

                      105. 2001
                      106. 2002
                      107. 2006

                      108. Excellent Performance Award


                        Ti Yu Zong Hui Wenzhou City, 2002

                        China Agricultural & Mechanical Transportation Association


                        Board of Directors

                        Ouhai Excellent Quality Brand


                        since 2005

                        Excellent Integrity Quality Brand


                        since 2005

                        Famous Brand of Ouhai District


                        since 2007

                        Nanjing-Iveco Certified Supplier


                        since 2008

                        Association Member


                        Wenzhou Municipal Quality & Safety from 2003

                        Modern Design






                        Great Support



                        Why Choose Us?



                        CHAODA's products and solutions are synonymous with consistent High-Quality and has the reputation of exceeding customer's standard requirements for moderate volumes right up to several millions. We strive to achieve a ‘Zero-Defects' commitment in-place that serves only to give our customers – PEACE OF MIND.

                        CHAODA's quality starts from the design stage, use the best materials, conduct 100% inspection and mistake-proofing our manufacturing process.

                        We also comply with the TS16949 quality system and able to provide full APQP, PPAP, and FMEA requirements.

                        At CHAODA, we even ensure that our sub-suppliers have quality systems and must possess at least the ISO9001:2000 certification and/or pass our basic quality and delivery requirements.

                        Cost-Effective Price


                        VALUE-Added. Although we are in China, CHAODA provides much more than being competitively priced. Because we have been around in the business since 1985, we have established a wide network of quality suppliers and partners.

                        Therefore, we have premium buying power and can further reduce costs as we do most processes in-house from tooling to final assembly. CHAODA also can keep your costs low by providing sub-assemblies or CKD kits.

                        We work behind the scenes to meet your requirements and constantly identify the best way to provide the highest quality product and solution at the most cost-effective price.



                        At CHAODA, we pride ourselves with our excellent communication. This often overlooked aspect is often where problems (misunderstandings) begin - but not with CHAODA. Our team not only speaks English, we speak fluent English, Chinese, Malay, and even have a German, Russian, Portugese and Korean translator when required. This eliminates completely the frustration and hassle faced by customers intending to do business or buying from China.

                        Although we are highly independent, we keep in close contact with each of our customers regularly so you are always in the loop. Our team comprises of professionals in their respective fields with practical industry experience. From inquiries and design, right-up to production and delivery, we constantly communicate with you.

                        Trust, Confidentiality, Integrity


                        In a world that is increasingly competitive, we pride ourselves with continuing our tradition of trust, confidentiality and integrity. CHAODA assures all our customer's samples, drawings and information are kept secure and confidential.

                        We respect Intellectual Property and treat it with the utmost respect and adherence. With these policies enforced, CHAODA provides our customer's a strong advantage for products that they want us to evaluate, custom-make, develop or source. It's our way of saying, it takes two to tango.

                        New Product Development


                        We have the experience and capabilities to meet our customer's specific requirements. We can translate and integrate your concepts into designs, prototypes, testing, and production within a short-leadtime.

                        Using our comprehensive equipment and machinery along with the latest software we are able to produce simple to complex parts to make your ideas become a reality. Our experience in the industry enables us to meet unique requirements, deadlines and target prices.

                        CHAODA maintains close co-operation and constant communication with our customers and suppliers throughout each phase of the project. The result? CHAODA's products constantly exceed customer's expectations.

                        Complete Integrated Solutions


                        CHAODA's integrated solutions shown below enables us to provide lower prices with high-quality products.

                      109. In-house tooling.
                      110. Continuous feedback at virtually every stage of a project.
                      111. CHAODA has high-potential for bought-out parts based on strong reputation.
                      112. Dedicated teams with champion / leader to provide custom-made services.
                      113. Continuous Improvement teams set up to increase safety, efficiency & value.
                      114. Details to packaging and delivery given high attention.
                      115. Flexible to the unique requirements of customers.
                      116. Quality Control is one of the most important aspects to CHAODA's existance.
                      117. Quality starts from Design right up until our after-sales support

                      118. Contact Us


                        ZHEJIANG CHAODA AUTO PARTS CO., LTD.


                        Tel: +86 577 5695 6555 ext. 709, +86 577 8636 2551
                        Fax: +86 577 8678 3577
                        E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
                        Skype ID: chaoda.sales
                        WhatsApp ID: +86 137 3837 6215
                        WeChat ID: chaoda-sales

                        GPS: N 27.950064, E 120.664246


                        SUZHOU CHAODA AUTO PARTS CO., LTD.


                        Tel: +86 577 8636 2551
                        Fax: +86 577 8678 3577
                        E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
                        Skype ID: chaoda.sales
                        WhatsApp ID: +86 137 3837 6215
                        WeChat ID: chaoda-sales

                        How about a map?

                        Time to keep in touch.

                        Don't hesitate to contact us about anything you want. We are open to questions, comments and suggestions.

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